As the High School Hockey season concludes the coming week(s), a reminder to all tenants, surface users, and guests. The Essex Sports Center was developed in partnership with the Essex North Shore Agricultural and Technical School and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the enjoyment and safety of our user groups.

As such Middleton Police and or Fire details AND on-call tow trucks will be present at all HS games to enforce:

  • Parking is only in designated parking spaces ON SITE Any vehicle parking outside a designated space, either in the fire lane or along Manning Street will be subject to ticketing and towing.
    • Home and Visitor teams are encouraged to carpool from their school.
    • There will be NO BUS PARKING on site, at the Essex Technical school, along Manning Street, or the abutting the Middleton Jail. Violators will be subject to ticketing and towing.
    • There will be NO LIVE PARKING in Fire Lane or collector aisles under any circumstances.
  • The interior of the facility has strict designated occupancy loads as posted. Adherence and enforcement is the responsibility of the User Group and subject to enforcement of Essex Sports and local police / fire enforcement.  ALL User groups will be mandated to those limits and any violation will subject the user to stoppage of play until corrected.
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden on the premises! Violators will be reported to the Middleton Police Department without hesitation.

User Groups in violation of the above will risk cancellation of future contracted time!

It is our hope that we can enjoy the end of the High School Hockey season in a safe manner without enforcement, however that takes a concerted effort on everyone’s part.